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Carlos Galindo

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Trust the experts for your residential painting need. Galindo Custom Painting specializes in interior and exterior painting.
Professional painters, Quick service, Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Painting
  • Interior - Exterior - Residential - Commercial
  • Drywall
  • Sheetrock installation - Taping - Texture
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Baseboard - Crown molding
  • Hardwood floor finishes - Installation
  • Decks - Fences and Front Doors - Stain and Paint
  • Custom Painting
  • Walls and special finishes - Ceilings (high/vaulted) -
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Cabinets - Stain and paint
  • Pressure Wash - Decks - Driveways
  • Cosmetic updating (Home for Sale)
  • Wood repair and replacement




Color Charts

These are some paint companies that we recommend and
utilize on a regular basis.

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Painting 'Fun Facts'

Choosing a Paint Color

  • Start by studying the darkest colors or shades on any paint strip to match your furnishings. Once you have a winner, choose a tint toward the middle to top (lighter) of the strip for the wall color.
Small Rooms
  • Light colors (airy) and cold colors (which seem 'distant') tend to expand spaces.
  • The more color contrast you use in a room, the smaller it look.
  • Consider painting the woodwork (base, trim, etc.) the same color as the walls.
Large Rooms
  • Darker walls make the room appear smaller as these warm colors seem to advance or 'move in toward' you.
  • Darker colors; however, do make a room seem more intimate.
  • To make a square room seem less 'boxlike', paint one wall in a deeper tone that the other three walls.
  • To lengthen a hallway, paint walls a deep tone and paint the ceiling a lighter tone.
  • Painting ceilings will actually make the room look larger by pushing the walls out. Consider painting a ceiling the same color as the walls (if a light colors) to negate their boundaries.
  • Low ceilings painted in pale shades seem higher.
  • High ceilings painted two or three shades darker than the walls will seem lower and thus will effectively warm the room.
Light Conditions
  • Warm colors will cheer up rooms with northern light.
  • Cool colors mellow out rooms with strong southern light.
  • Bright colors appear more vivid in strong light.
  • Neutral colors work well in rooms with east and west light.
  • Consider using bright, uplifting colors for halls, stairs, and connecting areas that people simply pass through.
  • Consider using deep colors in dim rooms. People often use white paint, but deep colors can turn a lack of light into a color asset.
Paint Colors
  • Paint color appear deeper in glossy or shiny paint sheens.
  • Colors appear brighter on the wall than they do in the can.
  • Colors look cooler when dry. [top]


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